This past weekend the Renegade Craft Fair came through San Francisco, and I went with two of my good (and very talented) friends, Wendy and Susan (and her beautiful daughter). I was so excited the night before we went that I had trouble sleeping. Which then prompted my dear husband to say, "It's sort of like Christmas morning for you, huh?". Yes. Yes, indeed.

One of the things I love about going, besides all the inspiring goodies to look at...collecting postcards and business cards from everyone:

A few of the fun things I came home with:

Flying Bulldog t-shirt from Mis Nopales Art (which I've been longing to have for some time now)

A beautiful necklace from Freshie and Zero (because I made a promise to myself to only buy handmade jewelry from here on out)

Adorable bookplates from the wonderful Black Apple. I also bought a set of three little notebooks...but forgot to photograph them. Woops.)

I'm already excited to go again next year. Thanks for a great day ladies!


insaknitty said...

whee! I had so much fun! I think I should start saving up for next year... btw, what do you do with all the cards?

freshie (and zero) said...

Thanks for stopping by the Freshie & Zero booth! I'm so glad you like your purchase! :)

Sumiko said...

Thanks for the Renegade show and tell! It was *almost* as cool as actually going there myself! 2010? Yes?

Motormouth said...

I collect people's card, brochures, and postcards too! Little bits of artwork here and there. Love it!

Shelley said...

ACK ACK ACK! You got to buy something in person from the Black Apple herself?! I'm freaking out with jealousy!

Jealousy aside, I love that you will only being buying handmade jewelry from here on out. I'm considering a similar plegde myself. Especially because the stuff I love the most can be easily found on Etsy.

And my word verification is heopi!

You have the best word verifications!

Kate said...

Just found your blog through Oh so beautiful paper... just wanted to say that I also got book plates from Black Apple the other day from her etsy shop. Isn't she a fabulous artist? That's great you were able to see it all in person.

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