Business Cards!


I'm currently working on getting my main portfolio site redesigned (simple, easy to navigate) and sort of coming up with a whole new business plan and direction for freelance, custom stationary/invites, etc. And one part of that plan was to FINALLY design and get business cards printed...which I did! So good for me!

I feel all official and businessy now that I have actual cards.


insaknitty said...

it's about time! heehee. jk! you are so official! :D I can't wait to see all the awesomeness you come up with. hooray!

linda said...

Ooo - love all the colors on your cards!

Camille said...

ARE YOU OPEN FOR BUSINESS YET?!?!?! Very interested in working with you in the near future... I'm planning several baby showers for 3 of my best friends..... Contact info: THANKS!!! :)

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