New(ish) Toys.


:: I've been looking for the perfect old typewriter for some time, and finally found it in this beautiful little turquoise and red one from the 1950's. It's so sweet and in great condition...I just need to get a new ribbon for it and it'll be ready to go!

:: The globe is actually something from my childhood that I thought I had lost. I took it with me when I moved out of my parents house and went to college. Then it made the trek to California with me. I do believe I "lost" it sometime around 2001, when we got married. I was very excited to find it recently on the top shelf in my in-laws living room! It's now back home with me where it belongs.


insaknitty said...

the typewriter!! swoon!

Shimmy Shake said...

I love your turqouise typewriter - great find. I love the look of the print, so lovely!

Venessa said...

Just found your blog! YAY I love it!!!!!!
I have one very important question....WHAT is the color of your wall...I'm in love with the pale BLUE and I have about 1,000 swatches on my walls right now trying to select a color! THanks soooo much!

Traci said...

Yes...the typewriter is extremely swoonworthy!

Shimmy and Vanessa...Welcome! I'm so glad you stopped by!

Vanessa...I feel your pain! When we were getting ready to paint I needed to find that PERFECT light blue/light green! We finally decided on Behr's "Ice Cube". We love it. So calming! Good luck on your search! I hope that helps.

Busy Vee said...

Traci, THANK YOU! That's exactly what I'm looking for, the light blue light green!!! ahhhh I'm running to home depot NOW! LOL LOl thanks sooo much!!!!!!!! So glad I found your blog and look forward to following what you come up with!!!!!!!

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