Look Who's Home!!!



We were in China over Christmas and New Years and have now been home for a week. We're all still adjusting and getting to know each other, but Emilia is one teeny tiny beautiful little person with a giant and lively personality and we're falling more in love with her each day.

I'm still trying to figure out my work schedule (going from zero to 18 month old over night is crazy!), but please feel free to email (my email address is on the sidebar) me if you're interested in having any of the work you've seen here personalized...or if you need anything else done.


Yoli said...

She is a beauty!

Jordan - Polkadot Prints said...

I've been gone from following your blog for a little while, but congratulations on your little girl coming home! She looks so adorable!

I hope the adjustment goes smoothly and quickly, and that she loves her room with her own personalised wall paper!!

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