Back! And Another Baby Shower!


Yes, it's been a ridiculously long hiatus...but I'm back! Hopefully! Emilia is settling in quite nicely and will be turning 2 next month...and I've been back to work during my down time. Including...another baby shower!

The invite:

Our good friends Jon and Allison are having a baby AND moving back to Seattle. We're going to miss them something crazy so we threw them a going away party/baby shower on Saturday.

There was good food...

Ridiculously cute kids...

And even some amazing pups!

Congrats Jon and Allison! We're going to miss you!


insaknitty said...

um. the look on that daschund's face is awesome. he's all "I am too cool for photos." I love the invites too! and that giant balloon!

Wendy said...

how the heck did you have time for another shower?? you're awesome! i totally love the invites and the matching giant orange balloons! so fun!

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