The Lion and Bear Masks...


The inspiration:

I completely forgot to take photos during the making process. Woops.

Basically I drew the bear and lion in Illustrator, printed them on regular copy paper to get them the right size, then once I had them at the right size, printed them on a thicker paper stock and used that as a template to cut the shapes. I used a wool blend felt and put a thin piece of batting in between the front and backs to give it a bit more weight.

I love the lion one...but it took FOREVER to make. Oh well.

Did I mention that this was the first time I'd "sewed" (sewn? See! That's how green I am!) something? That's why you're not getting super detailed images. But, I did have a good time making them and am even thinking about making a few more animals for her. Because...come on. Look at her. Is there anything cuter?


insaknitty said...

raaawr!!! traci, I am still so freaking impressed with your masks. seriously! they were awesome!! I can't see more of your sewing projects. ;) also, I think "sewn" would be correct. although, I'm still not sure what to call someone who sews. is it sewer? because that makes me think of poo.

Traci said...

ha ha...seriously though. You didn't look too closely, did you?

Yeah, I really hope it's not sewer...because I'm not sure I want to be a sewer.

A Merry Mishap said...

SO cute!

gemma said...

She's soooo cute! Congratulations on her 2nd birthday!

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