A Wedding Invite!


A couple of months ago, I started to work with Jervis and Jen on their wedding invite suite. I love designing for the people I know best...especially when they trust me and let me have fun with it. I gave them 5 different options and they ended up choosing the more rustic design...which happened to be my favorite and the one I thought would go best with their outdoor Texas wedding.

Jen's parents own a print shop, so I didn't need to produce everything...but it also meant that I didn't get to see a lot of the finished product before it went out.

We got our invite in the mail on Friday (albeit a bit beat up) and I'm so happy with how it turned out! And so happy that Jen decided to go bold...Let me tell you, that magenta envelope makes a serious statement when you open your mailbox!

I took a few elements from Wendy and Irving's vintage circus invite (the labels, etc):

We decided to do a belly band to hold everything together and Jen loved the idea of it being magenta with a silver "double happiness" stamp:

We also went with an RSVP postcard instead of the traditional card/envelope combo:

The whole invite suite (invite, RSVP postcard, info card, additional lunch invite):


insaknitty said...

dude, traci. people who WEREN'T invited to the bbq are gonna be all "what?! no meat for me??" haha. jk. they really did come out awesomely! hooray for bright colors + grey!

Wendy said...

love the boldness!! and yes, the colors are awesome!

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