Herman and I've talked many times about what my dream studio space would look like. I'd have a small dark room so that I could develop my own film and photos...I'd have an area dedicated to screenprinting...and I'd have a letterpress.

Well, this past week one of those dreams came true!

I got an amazing deal on this Adana 5x3 tabletop press...

...and twenty four cases of metal type!

I've spent the last week re-organizing my work space (um...kicking Herman out of our home office) and hope to have everything up and running soon. Stay tuned!


insaknitty said...

so! freaking! amazing!!! I can't wait to see it in real life! and, even more so, to see what you end up making!! eee!!

wendy said...

gaaaahhhh!!!! it's beautiful!!!! i can't wait to see it in person.. :) i'm so incredibly excited for you!

Motormouth said...

So excited for you... but sooooooo jealous!!!

Sarah said...

amazzzing!!! I want to play!

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