Another Invite...


My good friend Jaejean is having a baby!!! So we're throwing her a rustic elegant mid-day baby shower.

Photos of the shower to follow. It's going to be beautiful.



On Sunday, my good friend Susan and I threw a bit of a Lost finale party for a few of our friends (and yes, I know it seems like all I do is help throw parties. And that's not going to change anytime soon...I have a little one turning 2 soon and 2 more pregnant friends!). Susan and I were both laughing that we might have overestimated our ability to pull this off at the scale we wanted...but it was a ton of fun and everything turned out great!

I started last week by making Emilia and I some t-shirts (using the freezer paper method again). Hers says "Mama is my constant" and mine says "Desmond is my constant", both in reference to possibly my favorite episode ever. I had seen a "Desmond is my constant" t-shirt somewhere else but wasn't crazy about the design, so in the end I just did my own. Emilia's shirt idea actually came courtesy of my husband, who lovingly indulges all of my hobbies and obsessions.

With my party planning/Lost obsessed buddy...

We asked our friends to dress up as their favorite characters (and awarded a prize for the best costume). My good friend Bates brought her 3 month old son as "John Locke" which was genius and ridiculously cute.

Everyone in character:

Richard Alpert (me), Benjamin Linus (Susan), Shannon (Elizabeth), Hurley (Lucretia...and she totally won the prize), Kate (Bates) with Baby John Locke (Shepherd), Desmond Hume (Allison), and Charlie (Wendy)

I found a place on line to download a bunch of Dharma food labels. Like chocolates...

And beer and ranch dressing...

Dharma water bottles...and Oceanic Airlines ones that I threw together...

We had character'll notice that the deceased characters are standing on red sprinkles. Just the tip of the iceberg of Susan's genius.

This being a great example of that. She made marshmallows into a pile of C4. See? I told you.

She also made graham cracker fish biscuits (and painstakingly carved "Dharma" into them)...

We even sent everyone home with their own Dharma Polar Bear!

And Emilia got to drive around in her Dharma van. Which, you know if I had extra time I totally would have painted blue and white...maybe another time.

Susan and I celebrating a successful party and a great finale. Thanks for all your help Susan...should we do it again sometime?

Lastly, I had Emilia practice her "shocking finale" face. I think she got it about right.

A Quick Look...

5.21.2010 one of the many things occupying my time (Um...the kid and the t-shirt). Emilia is ready for Sunday!

Back! And Another Baby Shower!


Yes, it's been a ridiculously long hiatus...but I'm back! Hopefully! Emilia is settling in quite nicely and will be turning 2 next month...and I've been back to work during my down time. Including...another baby shower!

The invite:

Our good friends Jon and Allison are having a baby AND moving back to Seattle. We're going to miss them something crazy so we threw them a going away party/baby shower on Saturday.

There was good food...

Ridiculously cute kids...

And even some amazing pups!

Congrats Jon and Allison! We're going to miss you!

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