Small Changes...Big Differences.


Lately, I've been craving light (as evidenced by the many light filled houses I've pinned on Pinterest). Don't get me wrong, I love our town house and our dark wood floors, but natural light is almost non-existent in our place. Since I work from home, I've started to look for ways to bring more light in. The obvious place to start was with the floor to ceiling windows in our living room.

For the past three years, we've had brown and tan panel curtains up in the living room. They started to feel way too fussy and heavy, so I went back to IKEA and picked up one of their white roller blinds, took out the panel curtains, and hung the roller blind below the top window.

The difference it makes is amazing (even if there's still not enough light to get a really good photo of it) and it gave me such a sense of relief that I almost felt like crying. Seriously. Mills loves it because she can sit on the little window ledge. And Dexter loves it because it's actually open most of the time (that's his new favorite place to nap).


Shelley said...

love it!!

casey said...

thats a super cute little yellow chair! where is it from? oh, and don't you just love that big window? we have a huge one in our living room too!

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