Julie's Baby Shower!


This past weekend we were in the Seattle area for Julie's baby shower. The fabulous (and seriously talented) Jess Apostle and I planned for months and everything went off without a hitch (all photos by Jess).

Since the party was at Julie's house, we tucked her in her room for a few hours so that we could surprise her once everything was set up (her eyes were closed and she had me in a death grip):

She was really surprised.

The main table with delicious food (all courtesy of Jess) and decor (fringey streamers tutorial from the amazing Jordan Ferney).

We also fulfilled a long time dream of Julie's...a candy bar (and cupcakes, of course).

The beautiful mommy to be:

We love you Julie! And thanks for being an amazing party planning partner Jess!


jess said...

best time EVER!!! :) i miss you!

Wendy said...

omg everything was so gorgeous! love how the fringie streamers turned out.. and the pink stripey bags.. and the food labels.. and the drinks with the straw! perfect!

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