Adana 8x5!!!


Well, it only took 8 months, but I've finally got my fully refurbished Adana 8x5 last week! The next step is to mount it to a board, and I'm also in the process of ordering a base and designing some new plates. Realistically, I don't think I can get new goods in the shop before Christmas, but I plan on having a big shop update after the new year.

It's so pretty!

The other press is an Adana 5x3. It's a great little machine that I'll still use (it's perfect for hand setting metal type), but I'll be able to do more (and better) designs with the new one.


insaknitty said...

so exciting!! they look so cute side by side; like momma and baby. can't wait to see what you make!

Wendy said...

eeee!!! they do look great side by side - like you've got yourself a real letterpress studio. can't wait to see your new stuff! i will come over one of these days and try not to drool all over it :)

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