The Beatles Party!!!


This past Saturday was our big Beatles party to celebrate Emilia's third birthday and Herman's recovery. We're so incredibly thankful for our amazing little girl and so thankful for all of our friends/family who sustained us during a really rough time. It was great to get everyone together to celebrate.

The details:

We made a mini Abbey Road zebra crossing:

The spread:

Which included fish and chips and other British sweets...

By far our favorite British dessert is Eton Mess. But making Eton Mess for 40 people sounded a bit daunting, so I went to the interwebs to see if I could find an Eton Mess cupcake recipe. I found this one (cupcake #2), but modified it a little bit by baking strawberries in the cupcake and then using this frosting. We then placed fresh strawberries on top and covered it in broken meringue cookies. It was amazing.

I cut out letters to make a few lyric banners and my oh so talented and helpful friend Sarah sewed them together for me. I'm indebted to her on this because they made such a huge impact and I never would have gotten them done without her. Thank you Sarah!!!

Everyone went home with a custom CD of Emilia's favorite Beatles songs (her favorite 22 to be exact. I couldn't narrow them down any more than that) and a succulent plant with a letterpress "We *heart* you" tag (I'll write more about the favors in another post). We also had "I *heart*" John, Paul, George or Ringo pins for everyone to choose from.

Upon arriving, all the kids were given "backstage passes" and cardboard guitars to decorate:

Emilia was absolutely beside herself with joy; she especially loved this oversized poster:

My little John Lennon wannabe:

We also printed out different album covers to put around the half wall:

Patiently waiting for her friends to arrive.

At the end of the party, Emilia sat down on the steps and gave an impromptu concert.

A Beatles Party.


My (newly minted) three year old LOVES the Beatles. Especially John. She knows most of their songs by heart and can even tell me (with about 75% accuracy) who's singing which song. There are very few things in life that make her as happy as listening to or watching her beloved Beatles.

So, naturally, we're throwing her a Beatles birthday party on Saturday.

She's going dressed as John.

Pictures to come...

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