Tahoe Weekend.


We spent this past weekend in Tahoe with Herman's cousin and his wife and their two adorable boys (whom Emilia adores). It was Emilia's first time in the snow and first time skiing. Although I'm not entirely sure you can really call it skiing. Herman did all the work and she just rode down the hill with him. Nonetheless, a good time was had by all. Including me and Rachel...we skipped the snow and the cold and instead stayed cozy and warm in the cabin, chatting and watching Lost. Yup.

By the way, Herman's glasses are killing me. He forgot to bring his, so at the lodge he let Mills pick some out for him. I have to say he's much braver than me. She, of course, loved it.


Shelley said...

Those sunglasses win him Father of the year award. What an awesome trip!

insaknitty said...

those sunglasses are hilarious! love that he went out in public with those. heehee. looks like you had a great trip! whee!!

Jervis and Jennifer Yau said...

I showed these pictures to Jervis and the first thing he said was "what is my brother wearing!?" ha! Loved it.

Julie said...

The glasses are hilarious! It doesn't surprise me that he wore them in public.

How is it possibly that there are no other people on the slopes? Looks beautiful!

Unknown said...

best trip ever! :) can't wait for next year!

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