A Birthday Party.


I can always count on my husband to completely blow me away with his gift-giving-birthday-planning skills. And this year he recruited Sarah and Rachel to plan an actual birthday party for me (I can't remember the last time I had a birthday party). 

I was expecting something simple...dinner and hanging out with friends. But no. First of all, Herman thought it would be fun to have it at our new house, in the atrium (YES), so that we could show it off to our friends before the remodel. Second of all, there were decorations: spray painted woodland critters (with party hats), clouds with notes from my friends in the shape of raindrops, and gorgeous flowers. And the food! Popcorn, cupcakes (with raindrops on them!), strawberry cobbler in jars for people to take home, and freaking cloud macarons. Amazing.

I am so filled up with love and overwhelmed with gratitude for my amazing husband and my incredible friends that spent the evening with us. Sarah and Rachel, thank you so much for spending so much time planning and making every single detail beautiful and meaningful. I'm still completely overwhelmed at all the work you put into making this happen. And Herman, thank you for filling my day with beauty and with sweet time with my dearest friends. I am your biggest fan.

Oh. And if you're wondering about the girlie, she spent the entire party playing in the backyard with her cousins and friends. I LOVED looking out there and seeing them all running around and having fun. And for the record? The atrium is the most amazing place to sit around a table and chat. I foresee many many evenings and days spent in there.


Melissa said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Traci! A party befitting a stylish, creative gal such as yourself.

Oh, and the new house is groovy! Congrats!

little miss olive said...

oh WOW! that looks amazing! they did such a great job...and i love that they put it together in your new house for you -- creating beautiful memories.

insaknitty said...

heehee. that squirrel still makes me laugh. he's sitting in my kitchen next to the dharma polar bear now!

I want to live in your atrium and have sarah and rachel throw endless parties for me there! can we make that happen? I'll bring the squirrel!

happy birthday, traci! we loved celebrating you in your super-awesome house! :D

Amy said...

First of all, happy birthday Traci! So glad you had such a wonderful b-day and felt so loved and celebrated. Second, wow. What an amazing party - your friends are incredibly talented and what a great space to party in! Third, can you tell me where to find the tin/flower-y lids and straws to the jars of lemonade? I want some! Love to you.

Wendy said...

such an awesome party in an awesome house! so glad i finally got to see it :) yay sarah and rachel for a fabulously amazing job!!!!

adele {dellie} said...

What a beautiful party. Love everything about it.

Just found your blog via Twitter. Happy to have found you.

Sarah said...

@Amy we found them on Etsy. The jars came from Ace Hardware. Rachel and I had such a blast! Traci, you are an easy person to shower love on :)

Julia said...

love everything about your party..what great decoration ideas!

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