Our Eichler!!!


Thanks for your excitement everyone! We are still on cloud nine around here.

Now, the next big question is "When do you move in?". I so wish I could say something like, "tomorrow!"...but it's going to be more like 4-6 months. Why you ask? Well, our house was built in 1958 and the lovely family we bought it from has lived there for 53 years. 53 years! And done nothing to the house...and even though it's absolutely in pristine condition (seriously. It's amazing), it is still an older home. And since we plan on spending the next 20 to..oh say, 50 years there, it's easier to do most of the updating before we move in.

We LOVE the all original Eichler. We really do. The paneling, the cabinets, the floors. It's all fantastic. Stepping into our house is like stepping right into 1958. But the electrical needs upgrading. And there's no insulation in the walls. And there's asbestos in the floors. And (as you'll see in the photos) we want to open up the space between the kitchen and what is now the living room (soon to be dining area). Etc. We could move in tomorrow and be perfectly happy, but seeing as these things will need to be done eventually...now is really the best time.

On to the photos!

Our Eichler (!!!) is 4 beds and two baths, with this sort of bonus area when you walk in from the garage:

The current living room, which is separated from the kitchen/family area:

My absolute favorite part: the atrium. That's the front door in the back and my office with the sliding doors:

The kitchen/family area:

Master bedroom:

Master bath:

Hallway (that's the atrium behind that floor to ceiling window):

Emilia's bathroom (and yes, that's a door that opens to the side yard):

Emilia's bedroom:

Guest room:

And my office!

Man. I love this house.


insaknitty said...

so. freaking. exciting. :D I hope part of your renovations is doing something about those ceiling fans. they're really... big.

Traci said...

Thanks Susan. And yes, the fans and all the not very Eichlerish hanging lights are going to go. That black ufo looking light by the brown paneled wall? I've almost took myself out with it multiple times.

casey said...

oh my goodness. jealous right now. that. kitchen. wow! those cabinets are awesome! love all the wood! so good! yes, this is the best time to do it all... especially with kids (we did our bathroom when noah was a few months old... it was fun when he woke up from a nap terrified cause of the floor jackhammering. not fun!)

Jervis and Jennifer Yau said...

Love it!!! I can't wait to see it in person. I'm glad E has easy access to bathroom breaks when she is picking up all those rocks :)

Shelley said...

YAYAYAYYA!!! how exciting!!!!! I cannot wait to see what you do to make this house your home!

Billy and Maggie said...

Congratulations!! I'm a big fan of your blog and Emilia :o) look forward to seeing what you re-create with your lovely new home.

Julia said...

your house is gorgeous! we own a 1957 (non eichler) and I see some similar features. are you keeping the kitchen or renovating it? the cabinets look fun

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