Bare Bones.


Wanna know what an Eichler looks like stripped down? 


Taking out the kitchen wall and opening up the space has completely changed the feel of the house. I knew it would be great, but I honestly did not think it would be so dramatic! I like to think that Mister Eichler would be very happy with it.

In other news, it took the crew three days, but now the asbestos is completely gone! The house has had structural wiring done (cable, internet, alarm, etc) and today the electrician is installing the new electrical panel as well as starting to rewire the house. The AC guys were out running wiring and pipes for the split AC units, and we've got a plan in place to start trenching for gas, water and electric to the islands. Our contractor is also going to begin work on replacing that one beam (the one that is partially painted) as well as the new framing (laundry room, recessed appliances, etc). I'm hoping that sheet rock and insulation will start going up in a couple of weeks.

It's a bit overwhelming and I have to keep reminding myself that everyone knows what they are doing and that it will start coming together soon. It is sort of hard to see our beloved house down to it's bones...


Shelley said...

crazy!! I am so excited to see the progress!!!!

Yvonne said...

Hi! My husband and I just bought an Eichler in Sunnyvale with the exact same original floor plan as yours! We are so excited to 're-modernize' it since the previous owners made some updates in the 80's that aren't really in the mid-century modern style. We also have 2 little boys (4 and almost 2) who are already in love with all the extra living and outdoor space! Since we're both probably living in the same area, I'd love to meet and compare notes. =) Your house is coming along nicely!!! -Yvonne

Traci said...

Hi Yvonne! I'd LOVE to meet you! Feel free to email me: traci at

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