It's a Party!

Jerry and Rachel's "Little Mister or Little Miss?" party was yesterday!

It's a....

Although the poppers didn't work as well as I wanted, the pink confetti flying everywhere was so much fun. And it kept all the kiddies busy afterwards...

Jerry and Rachel, we are so incredibly blessed to have you in our lives and as our family. We love you four so much and cannot wait to meet your baby girl. 


  1. Love the popper idea! Looks like they worked to me! :)

  2. everything looks so pretty traci! fabulous job with the party :) looks totally fun. love all the bright pink confetti flying everywhere!

  3. Everything looks awesome. I'm so excited for them.

  4. This was a super exciting post. I actually shouted "yay!" out loud for them. How exciting! Great idea with the popper and I love the large balloons.

  5. oo yay! what a cute idea! Congrats to them!