This weekend was the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco! Julie (and Ruby!) flew down from Seattle for the weekend, and we were also joined by my sister in law, Jen and my own favorite girl, Emilia. 

A few of the goods I picked up:

"I Love You California" print by 3 Fish Studios

2 prints by Hillary Bird (Emilia picked out the top one for her new room):

2 little baskets by Chewing the Cud:

Mills picked out this zipper pouch from Slide Sideways (which ended up matching her outfit quite nicely):

This bracelet from Son of a Sailor (they are also making Emilia a small one, and a pair of earrings for me):

Julie and I took Emilia to Renegade two summers ago. At the time she had just turned two and spent most of the day in the stroller. This time we had so much fun together. I loved having her point out all the things she liked ("Look mama! It's so beautiful!"), chatting with her about everything we saw, and getting to experience this with her. She was so sad to leave because "you know Mama, we didn't spend too much time here. I want to stay longer" (we were there for four hours). She's definitely coming with us next year!

Thank you Julie and Ruby for spending the weekend with us. I love our tradition and getting to spend so much time with you two. Miss you already! We love you so!


Jennifer Yau said...

Thanks for letting me tag along! I had such a great time.

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