It's been a big week at the house. The new beam is in place and (thus far) all the inspections have passed. And yesterday, insulation and drywall went up! We have one more big inspection on Tuesday, then we're done with inspections until the final walk through. They will start adding texture to the walls this coming week and our contractor hopes to start painting (walls, ceilings, beams, etc) at the end of next week. After that it's flooring, kitchen, baths, etc. I believe we're still a month out from being able to move in, but things are rocking along rather quickly at this point...

In other news, Herman's brother and family (Jen and Madisyn) moved to the Bay Area a couple of weeks ago. We're thrilled that they are so close...and Mills is loving being the "big sister" to her cousin.


insaknitty said...

cousins!!! so cute! hooray for passing all you inspections so far too. it's all just too exciting!

Melissa said...

Those girlies are so cute! Cousins are the best...oh, and the house is looking pretty good too!

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