Travel Kit.


Last time we did a big trip with Emilia was in 2011 when we went to Paris and London and she was 2 1/2. We had a great time and to engage her in what we were seeing, I made her these little travel cards (which she loved). 

We're headed to London for the next week or so, and since she's now 4 1/2, I wanted to create something that would help her to interact and engage in a deeper way with what we are going to see and well as something that the three of us can work on together to make this a memorable trip for all of us. 

The travel kit: 

Each day has a folder with a small sketchbook, activity cards, and pocket for her to store photos (we got her this camera) and treasures she finds, and a map (there's only one map). I have a little bag for her to carry one folder in, as well as something to draw with. 

 The insert/activity cards: 

The small sketchbooks: 

A huge thanks to Julie and Shelley for helping me come up with activities!!!


casey said...

What a great idea! Have a fun time in London!

Jordan - Polkadot Prints said...

This is beyond cool, Traci! Seriously...I'm kinda a bit speechless. Love your work and attention to detail. Hope it's a wonderful trip!

Megan @Me and Wee said...

Beautiful work! I love it! You know, you could totally make "generic" versions of these and put them on Etsy. Gorgeous product! :)

lovelightness said...

this is so lovely! you're such a good mama!

Becca said...

These are unbelievable! Beautifully designed and packaged! What a lucky little girl. :)

hues said...

hello traci, this is the first time i've commented! i keep coming back to your blog... you are such a wonderful mama. i am so inspired by your creativity and thoughtfulness!

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