London Coffee Crawl 2013


It's no secret that we're big fans of a great cup of coffee (I even built my kid a coffee shop...), so naturally we planned much of our London trip around finding great coffee. Preferably from independent coffee shops. Enter the London Coffee Guide (which was put to great use):

Since we had been to London before (and seen most of the touristy things) hitting up independent coffee shops was an amazing way to see and get to know the city. By far my favorite memories happened when we were walking and exploring and finding each place. 

So. Which coffee shops did we try and which were our favorite? 

Monmouth Coffee:  

Workshop Coffee (where we also had an amazing brunch):


TAP Coffee:

Caravan (and another yummy brunch):

Herman's favorites were Fernandez and Wells (and he highly recommends the Pasteis de Nata to complete the experience) and TAP. 

My favorites were Department of Coffee and Social Affairs and Monmouth. Emilia recommends the hot chocolate. From all of them. 

Now we need to go back so we can try the other ninety shops recommended...


casey said...

All look amazing. Now I want to design a coffee shop. :) thanks for the list!

insaknitty said...

90 more coffee shops? take me with you!! :D they all look fantastic and make me sad that I have not seen any coffee shops anywhere near that cute anywhere near my house. also makes me want some coffee now!

ali said...

What a great way to have seen the city! Love the type treatment on all the storefront signage! ;)

kristinvald said...

I just wanted to say Happy 5th birthday to Emilia yesterday :-) Hope you had a wonderful day !

greatings from Iceland
KristĂ­n and Karolina who just turned 5 on the 12th :-)

Kindsey said...

this is fantastic. We've been working on our overseas vacation and this list may come in handy if London wins us over. My husband is starting up Devout Coffee in Fremont, CA and we've always admired that coffee shop you made for your little girl! ( I had only seen it on pinterest till now!) We've dreamed of having a little kids nook for the little barista in training when we open a shop - i may pick your brain if that day comes! ;)

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